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|| make me yours || ~ Hoodie only

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this is part of an outfit i've been working on for a while and i'm happy to finally release it, if you wish to buy the full outfit it is available here, take note that if you intend on buying all 3 this is a cheaper option and has a cleaner folder for all 3 of the pieces~!.

(I am aware of the white smudge on the elbow in the render, it has been fixed and the fixed texture is included in your downloads page.)

Upon purchasing this product you will receive a .txt file titled with the respective asset and then "password" the password in this txt file is used to extract the files from all .RAR files associated with this asset.

All clothing made completely by me in blender, substance painter and MD,

does not come weight painted, rigged to pandaabear's female heeled base (not included, found here)

You can use this product commercially as long as you credit either my discord at ChickenTendies#6969 and/or my gumroad page (only one is required), not on public/free avatars :< (sorry)

Do NOT redistribute this unless it is on a finished model.

You may not allow your customers to take this asset off your avatar for their own use or that of others, if they request the asset redirect them to my Gumroad.

All textures are included!

Feel free to join my discord server if you need help or simply want to!

I hope you enjoy cutie~ ♥

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you will receive the following v

~Make me yours~ Hoodie only
Tex hoodie
password Hoodie

|| make me yours || ~ Hoodie only

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